Mission Statement, Philosophy, and Vision


Lakin Library & Envisioning Center Mission Statement, Philosophy, and Vision

Mission Statement:

The Lakin Library & Envisioning Center seeks to be an integral part of its community by providing the residents of the community and surrounding area with a wide variety of popular and educational materials, programs, resources, and services that facilitate their day to day lives and extend their personal and intellectual development.  The library supports lifelong learning, early literacy development cultural and recreational activities, and the technology and information needs of the people it serves.  The Tabor Public Library seeks to build knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and wisdom in a welcoming environment.



1.  The Lakin Library & Envisioning Center will, follow state and local laws as they may apply, provide informational and recreational material to community members.

2.  We will provide programs directed to the youth of our community i.e. summer reading program and story time for pre-schoolers.

3.  We will maintain a positive relationship with our community, other libraries and our public school.

4.  We will cooperate and participate in interlibrary loan systems.

5.  We will provide a friendly, helpful and relaxed atmosphere in which the public may use our services.


Lakin Library & Envisioning Center Vision

Three elements of a library combine in equal parts to provide excellent customer service:




The Lakin Library & Envisioning Center will continue to provide excellent service to our customers because we:

1.       Acknowledge that our customers drive everything we do as we enhance traditional services and implement new and innovative services.

2.       Draw our community into a dynamic environment that encourages a love of reading, lifelong learning, wellness, and healthy living.

3.       Provide friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.

4.       Use the power of technology to optimize the community’s access to library services as well as local, state, and global information.

5.       Incorporate library services into the fabric of the community through alliances and partnerships with other libraries, organizations, resulting in strong community pride.

6.       Nurture appreciation of literature, the ever-changing world of information, and healthy living.