Use a computer

The library has public computers with Internet access.

  • 4 desk top computers are available  
  • 2 laptop computers that can be used in the library or may be checked out.
  • 1 computer in the Makerspace to be used with the Makerspace equipment 
  • 1 computer in the programming room to be used for programs, meetings, gaming, and more
  • Time limits on usage if others are waiting to use the computers
  • You may bring your own devices in the library and use our wifi free while injoying our beatiful new facility and services. 
  • We have instructions on how to sign up to use a computer in the library
  • Age limits on computer use will depend on if a parent gives consent and if the parent is present.  
  • Computer policy is available in the library.
  • 2021 we will have 99.9% Dedicated fiber to our facility and surrounding area.  We will have free wifi access (with a user code) on mainstreet between City Hall and the new Fire Station.  We are planning on free Wifi availability at the city park.