Tabor Public Library Plan 2019-2022

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Long Range Plan

This document, prepared by the Director and Library Board, is the plan of what we want to happen at the library over the next few years. It shows what we believe to be priorities to meet the needs of our community.

This document projects up to 3 years into the future and outlines the library's goals and objectives for maintaining and developing collections and services to meet the communities needs. Development of such a plan usually involves the staff, the trustees, and the general public. The plan responds to identified community needs.

Technology Plan (we did it we have fiber in the new library)

Coming 2021 We are planning to have fiber for our library.  We will have 4 desk-top computers and 2 lap-top computers available to patrons.  In addition, we will have a computer in the Maker space and a computer for meeting, programs, gaming and more.  We are so excited for our next chapter.